About Us

How we became a family owned business

Back in 1989 my grandfather Dale Griswold purchased the company For the Love of Pasta. At the time our company mainly sold specialty shaped pastas (hence our name) and only had 3 different dip mixes. Over the next few years the pasta became harder and harder to sell until the point where he discontinued carrying the product, that's when my grandfather decided to start creating more spice blends instead. The all natural spice packets that we create are my grandfathers very own recipes. We blend, package and label them all ourselves. I have been working with him since I was a young boy and helping him shape the company into what it is today. He recently just retired so now it is my turn to run the company and make the most of it. Since being established we have had 3 generations travel and sell thousands of spice packets all over the Pacific Northwest for the last 30 years. This is all possible thanks to my grandfather's creativity and persistence to make the most of his dream. 


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